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Hi there, Welcome to my webpage!

I am a researcher interested in the integration of renewable resources with power and energy systems. I was born in India in 1992. I was affiliated with the Centre PERSEE of MINES ParisTech - Université Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL), located in southern France. Prior to joining PSL, I was associated with the IIT Bombay in India. I have also been a member and collaborator at ALSETLab under the Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering Department of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in NY, USA.

I carry out research in the following areas: power systems; electric vehicles; modeling and simulation of cyber-physical systems; scheduling and planning for power grids. Feel free to shoot an email if interested in working with us.

I use this platform to share my research activities. This website is still under development, soon it will be updated.

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